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Beware of the terms and conditions !
08 June 2015
Reviewer: Olliebells from UK

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Anybody thinking of becoming a dropshipper for pixmania need to be aware that they have a policy use business to business laws meaning that if the customer decides to return their item withing the cooling off period, as outlined in the long distance selling regulations, pixmania will not accept the returns and instead, the dropshipper must take the goods and refund the customer. Not good if you are selling large televisions for instance especially when the whole idea of dropshipping is to save of logisitics.

Another issue is that the price of the item is no difference, in many cases, to the price they offer on the public site. Dropshipping appears to be a free marketing channel for pixmania and nothing more.

This is the info I received from pixmania support:

You will need to keep in mind that our policy is based on business to business law and is more strict than Bto C policies.

We only accept products back if they are damaged, faulty or not as described on the web site. You need to notify us of all return requests within 3 business days of the product being delivered.

Faulty or incorrect products

Pixmania-Pro send you a link to a prepaid UPS shipping label so you can send the product back to our warehouse at no charge to you.

We then issue you a refund or dispatch a replacement product as per your request.

Damaged products

You need to send us photos of the damaged product and also the packaging. We then open a transport investigation with the courier which can take up to 10 business days to close.

We then issue you a refund or dispatch a replacement product as per your request.

Warranty cases

All of our products are covered by a 1 year manufacturer warranty so if the product becomes faulty within 1 year you need to contact the manufacturer directly.

If the manufacturer does not have an office or dealer located within the United Kingdom you may send the product back to our warehouse in France and we will then forward it to the manufacturer.

In these cases you will need to pay for the product to be shipped back to our warehouse.

I replied , "I fully understand business to business law, however, as a dropshipper the long distance selling act needs to be complied with so if a customer decides to order a television and a vacuum cleaner for instance, then decides to return within their cooling off period, what is the dropshipper supposed to to with the returns ?"

Pixmania replied with;

"Below I've outlined our return policy with you. If you have a customer who decides they no longer want an item, you will have to accept the return.

It is part of our offer, so we can provide dropshipping free to you and to keep our costs as low as possibke. "

Basically, if you don't like, shove it !

In summary, I would not recommend Pixmania Pro to a friend.

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