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PIXmania-PRO.co.uk is the Number 1 drop shipping site in this category. Not only do you get the most professional looking, easy to use drop shipping website around, excellent client support and a tremendous range of products, but all this and more comes with completely free membership! It's geared more towards dedicated online business users rather than those who sell on eBay in their spare time and the quality of service will undoubtedly ensure your success.

From the moment you first look at the site it's obvious that PIXmania-PRO.co.uk is on a different level to other online drop shipping websites. Colourful, slick and professional, it's easy to navigate your way around the site and organise your business, including browsing products, ordering and managing your account using a range of clickable tabs. To open an account you need to email or fax copies of the following documents; your VAT registration certificate, company certificate and company invoice. As mentioned above, PIXmania-PRO.com is geared more towards online businesses rather than individuals looking to promote and resell the odd item on eBay or other marketplace site. However, individual resellers are welcomed (if this is you, you might try Puckator.co.uk instead). It costs nothing to join and you get immediate access to all of the site's features as soon as your documents have been received and membership approved (within 24 hours).

Once your membership has been approved, you can sign in to access the product catalogue. Whilst it's simple to navigate, the detailed way in which products are listed may be slightly tricky to follow at first; however, this ultimately makes your browsing much more efficient. There's a quick keyword search and an advanced search too, both useful when browsing. As a reseller or small business, you promote products on your site or eBay page. When a customer purchases an item, you login to PIXmania-PRO.co.uk and order and pay for that product, which is then delivered directly to your customer. You make a profit based on the difference between the wholesale price (what you pay) and the retail price (what your customer pays). Other than shipping fees, there are no additional commission charges and no minimum order amount. This means no need to pay upfront or store stock, so less risk for you, the retailer. A CSV file contains all product details, their availability and shipping costs per unit.

There's a massive range of over 40,000 products to choose from, arranged across 18 product categories with numerous nested sub-categories. For example, the category 'cameras' incorporates 'digital cameras', 'digital photo frames', 'camera lenses', 'memory cards', 'accessories' and more. There's a great range of electrical products including camcorders, printer consumables, TV and video, projectors, home cinema systems, DVD recorders, MP3 players, car stereos, headphones, desktops/accessories and laptops/accessories. There's excellent product detail, great images and prices available to view without having to sign up first. Product information is very detailed, and you can click tabs to add a product to your basket, compare products, email the product page to a colleague, or find similar products. In addition to browsing products by category you can also browse by brand. For example, clicking on 'Sony' brings up a range of product categories including digital cameras, memory cards, TVs, videos and more.

Within each category the choice is breathtaking for a drop ship site. There are 1141 products within the 'camera' category, 509 in 'TV and video', 4439 in 'computing', 1143 in 'consumables' (printer cartridges, DVDs, CDs, etc.) 212 video games and console accessories (for Wii, XBox 360, DS, PC, Playstation 2, Gameboy advance and more). There are 677 products in 'toys for boys', 299 in 'toys for girls', so slightly less choice than in electricals, but nonetheless impressive. You'll find 249 garden products including lighting, equipment, power tools, pool accessories, parasols, greenhouses, gazebos and garden storage. It's easily the most comprehensive selection of products with some of the best brands and best organised stock inventory. RSS feeds enable you to stay up to date with the latest news, including the latest releases, best sellers and stylish gifts.

As with other sites, you get to choose your own retail price and the products you sell. There's no RRP for products, which might be useful to help you to decide how much to charge. You can pay for products using a variety of payment methods (see above). Prices advertised exclude VAT. VAT and shipping is added when you proceed to the checkout page. There are discount schemes that allow you to buy products at reduced prices but you need to contact PIXmania-Pro.co.uk to discuss your individual needs. Products are shipped to your customers in plain packaging without any literature, marketing or brochures advertising PIXmania-Pro.co.uk. Orders should be dispatched within 24 hours and received 48 hours later.

You can track your orders and manage account details by clicking on the 'My Office' tab. You remain in contact with your clients; at no point does PIXmania-PRO.co.uk communicate directly with your customers. This means that returns are partly dealt with by you. Products are returned to you by your customer and you return them to PIXmania-PRO.co.uk. The replacement item is then returned to you and not directly to your customer. This seems a little long-winded, however, rather than having to wait for a product to be replaced, PIXmania-PRO.co.uk will issue your customer a voucher that can be used to buy the same product or an alternative. Highly trained customer service and after-sales advisors can help with any queries. You can contact the company by telephone (Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm), or fax. You can also email with any issues or questions and you should receive a response within 24 hours, or contact the company by post. There's  also a lot of detail on terms and conditions on the site.

PIXmania-PRO.co.uk is the undisputed winner in our UK drop shipping category. With zero membership fees, the best product range and ease of use, the only minor complaint is that it tends to bracket out individual resellers looking to make a little extra income. In addition, a membership offering to create your own website would add another dimension to the basic level of membership. Nonetheless, PIXmania-PRO.co.uk is a great drop shipping site and will undoubtedly take your online business from strength to strength.

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