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Ukdropshipgroup.com is a glossy and professionally put together drop ship website. Like dropshipkids.co.uk it suffers slightly from the amount of information on screen giving it a cluttered feel at times. That said, it's fairly easy to navigate and use from the tabs on the homepage. If you're looking for help setting up your own sales website along with a ready supply of products at minimal cost, this may be the site for you.

If the idea of creating your own business website from scratch is a little intimidating, or if you feel ready to move on from selling products on eBay or Amazon, Ukdropshipgroup.com offers an easy and inexpensive alternative. For a very reasonable setup fee and monthly hosting fee (currently discounted by 50%) you can have your own site set up in around an hour. All you need to do is decide what kind of business you want out of the 9 options (gadgets, computer products, beauty products, lingerie, adult products. inkjet products, DVDs, football merchandise, wedding products, ties and cufflinks).

You can browse website templates for all business opportunities on offer. Basically, you promote the products on your site without having to purchase upfront or store stock. Examples of what your website could look like are given; those illustrated look reasonably professional, albeit fairly generic, but realistically, what can you expect after an hour? You choose the look of your site, what you sell and how much you charge. There's also eBay integration, meaning that any sales you make on eBay are automatically registered on your website. This not only makes it easier to keep track of orders, but also helps attract customers to buy directly from your site rather than through eBay, saving you money on paying for listings and final sales commission. The advantage to letting Ukdropship.com create your website is that all product details are preloaded and stock is automatically updated for you. This is an advantage you would not have with your own site. You don't need any technical expertise to run your site. You can also add Google AdSense, which could increase your profits further.

Whilst your site is preloaded with a full inventory of your chosen product range ready to sell, you can add or remove products at the click of a mouse, without having to sell everything in that range. Each business features a range of hundreds of products, however, you only receive a preview of a few products until you register. Each product is listed with images, specifications with a modicum of detail. If you're thinking about advertising products on eBay, take care as it may not be possible to list all items here (you will be advised of this). When you sell an item you simply order it on Ukdropshipgroup.com and the drop shipper does all the hard work, picking, packing and posting. There are no delivery or commission charges. Any profit generated is yours.

The free business package that comes with your site includes a free 0845 telephone number with no setup or running fees, your own domain name (worth £9.98), lifetime membership to the supplier website (worth potentially hundreds of pounds), 5 professional website templates, dedicated technical support by telephone and email, a marketing information package (worth £19.95), a 'How to do HTML for Beginners' guide, to help you personalise your website, a 'How to Make £1,000+ per week' package created by the owners, a search engine software and ranking package (how to get to the top of Google) and more. You can also read testimonials, watch a company video and get a free business report, along with detailed information about running an online sales business. You'll also receive full technical support. The FAQs section isn't all that that detailed. It's likely that you'll to resort to contacting customer support by telephone or email (response within 24 hours but usually takes 2-3 hours to get back to you).

Ukdropshipgroup.com is a great choice for those looking to set up their own business website with the minimum of ease and expense. You could be up and running with your new website in as little as an hour, safe in the knowledge that there's technical assistance at hand should you need it. You simply won't find many better offers on the web.

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