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Dropship Land Review

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Dropshipland.com is an established name in the drop shipping industry, offering you the chance to start up your own selling website or help your existing online sales business flourish. Whilst there's a great range of products on offer, and attractive membership terms, the quality of products does not always match that of some of the other sites in this category. Nonetheless, the site still has plenty to commend it.

The appearance of the site isn't as impressive as some of the other sites in this category (e.g. theselect.co.uk or pixmania-pro.co.uk). It's less polished and sometimes quite cluttered with a lot of information crammed onto each page. Your account can set up in a matter of minutes, you just need to register a few details. Once joined, you can view product prices, advertise products on your own sales channels such as eBay or even create your own website. As soon as you join you get access to CSV files with details of the entire product range. You can offer as many or as few products as you like. There's no need to pay upfront for any stock; simply wait until your buyer pays you.

You'll find over 9,000 trade price products including lingerie, beauty products, CDs, DVDs, men's fashion, fragrances, sportswear, accessories, inkjet supplies and much more. At the time of this review discounted lines included CDs (up to 40% off RRP)., DVDs (up to 75% off ), lingerie (up to 40% off ), inkjet supplies (up to 25% off ), beauty products (up to 30% off ), ties and cufflinks (up to 40% off) and football souvenirs (up to 35% off). The products aren't always the best quality. For example, whilst the DVD category is large, most of the titles are low budget and rather obscure. It's difficult to imagine such lines being very popular with customers.

The Full Product Range Access Membership option gives you one year's membership to Dropshipland.co.uk allowing you to promote all products sold. It's not necessary to know anything about drop shipping services as the process of setting up and running your online business is explained at length on the site. When you sign up you also receive a user manual; no technical knowledge is required. Product information is available in the form of a CSV file along with links to product images. The CSV file is updated every day, along with stock levels for all products.

The other option is to take out a Platinum membership, which gives you a lifetime product access and your own website (monthly hosting fee applies). Having your own website rather than relying on auction sites gets you maximum exposure on the web. This means that you can attract more customers as well as avoiding the selling fees imposed by sites such as eBay. Your website comes integrated with eBay so that anyone who visits your website will be able to see all of your eBay products at the click of a button. You can also insert a link into all the emails you send to your eBay buyers, enticing potential buyers to your website. Your website is fully customisable; choose from 8 professional web templates, add your own banners, site map and sell your own products too. Update prices with a couple of clicks, add discounts and special offers, choose your own domain name, add Google AdSense to your website for more profits.  You also get two free software packages. The first contains 306 niche products with resell rights. The second optimises your site to ascend search engine rankings. You also get a free 0844 number with no setup or monthly fees. You have complete control and ownership of the website.

In addition to your own website and domain name, the site comes preloaded with over 9,000 products, lifetime membership to dropshipland.co.uk and an XML data feed that updates products daily on your site. There are no minimum order requirements and orders are shipped to your customers in plain wrapping as if they were shipped by you. The only additional charge is for shipping. Shipping charges are calculated automatically when added to your basket and it's important you bear shipping costs in mind when you set your prices. Products can be posted worldwide and returns are dealt with by dropshipland.co.uk.  There's also dedicated technical support by email and telephone (Monday-Saturday). The FAQs page isn't all that helpful, instead spending most time trying to persuade you to join. 

Whether you join to access the product catalogue or set up your own website, dropshipland.com has some great deals, including substantial stock discounts. Whilst the products on offer may sometimes lack quality, those looking to set up an online sales business should still check this one out.

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